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Recreated and preserved to awaken every sense!!

Our latest venture at DB Mall offers authentic Thai experience in all our services. We offer a basket of natural oils and herbs carefully chosen to rejuvenate the five senses. Scrubs and creams apart from essential oils, form an integral part of our treatments. The authentic Thai masseurs here have a gentle touch that works wonders for your body. These skilled healers work on the pressure points and energy lines in the body. They first acquaint themselves with your body and then with the help of exotic herbs re-energize and beautify it.
The extensive Thai Spa menu includes :
  • Foot Reflexology - the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet using hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil
  • Manicure & Pedicure - makes sure that whilst pampering the rest of your body, you do not forget these two key parts of your body
  • Massage - A relaxing back massage releases all the stress stored in your body. A shoulder & head massage makes you feel light as feather and of course the full body Thai massage completely transforms you.
Apart from the traditional Thai treatments, there are also :
  • Invigorating Facials to give your face a special treat and give it that 'glow and shine' that everyone loves to see
  • Polish and brighten your face with O3 specialized facials
  • The deep cleansing facials leave you fresh and shining
  • The Vitaminic concentrate facial treat your dry and dehydrated skin to a healthy glow
  • The complex series of facials are specially designed for the aged skin to treat wrinkled, sagging skin with pores
  • Lightning facial transforms your pigmented skin to a smooth glow
  • Exclusive Nail Art is also available to beautify your nails
  • Also available are all Hair Services from advanced fashion cuts, coloring, spa to setting
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